In the legislature, June has worked on corporate accountability for tax breaks on companies like Boeing. She fought for paid family leave, prescription drug price transparency, and access to affordable health care. As Vice Chair of the Ways and Means committee, June led on our state operating budget to ensure Snohomish County gets its fair share of tax dollars.

June will continue her work to ensure everyone in Snohomish County has access to safe, affordable housing; mental, behavioral, and physical health care; well funded schools, diverse career pathways, and tuition free higher education.  In a time where the costs for groceries and gas are higher than ever, June will continue to be a leader in keeping Snohomish County affordable so the people who live here can thrive here.


The mother of two, June understands the difference great teachers and schools make in our families and communities. June wants to reduce class sizes and raise teacher pay to better support our kids as they get back on track.

Our children deserve a fully funded, high quality education. She secured a $90 million to add nurses and counselors in schools and will continue to fight for the resources and support our kids need to thrive, like she did with the Everett School district to provide additional programming for at-risk youth.

June also works to ensure that Washington’s educational system sets our kids up for success. She worked with the Everett School district to increase the emphasis on science and math to provide new opportunities to graduates and ensure we have the competitive workforce of the future. In the legislature, she is fighting for apprenticeship and job training programs which provide students with the skills to enter the workforce.


June will continue to work to make state government a better partner in creating family wage jobs for our community. Everyone should have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they can provide for their family. June is fighting to ensure we have a competitive living wage and that local businesses have the support and resources they need to be successful.  

Through her budget and legislative expertise, June has been a leader in improving our roads by helping to pass a comprehensive transportation package, Move Ahead Washington, which will create much needed jobs – and faster, safer access to jobs – for Washingtonians. 

She is thrilled to have been able to help pass multiple transformational budgets to strengthen our state and place Washington in a strong position to lead the country in many sectors from transportation to housing security to behavioral health resources. This funding has improved the health and wellbeing of workers as well as bringing skilled jobs to our state.

Additionally, June sponsored SB 5751, which focused on improving worker safety and patient care in health care facilities. Health care workers are experiencing extreme levels of stress and burnout. This bill requires minimum staffing levels in hospitals to help ensure that patients get the care that they need and deserve. 

Investing in the Community

June supports investments in roads, parks, public transportation and other projects that make our community a great place to own a business, live, work, and raise a family.

This means protecting our environment and creating more parks and open space for families to enjoy. It also means working to support the social safety net that struggling families rely on to help them recover when they lose a job or endure some other hardship. 

This session, June passed several of her prime-sponsor bills investing in our community including:

  • SB 5096 which establishes a state excise tax on the sale of stocks and bonds, which impacts just 0.23% of taxpayers and raises nearly $500 million per year for childcare and early-learning supports. It’s one important tool, in addition to the Working Families Tax Credit, that helps us rebuild our regressive tax code so that low- and middle-income Washingtonians no longer pay far more in taxes than the wealthiest among us.
  • SB 5097 which expands eligibility for our Paid Family and Medical Leave program. She was honored to help establish our state’s PFML program back in 2017, and with this expansion, more families –intergenerational families, queer families, chosen families – will be able to care for themselves and their loved ones.

With years of experience fighting for access to health care, affordable housing and other necessities vital for family success, you can be sure June will continue to fight for us, not special interest handouts.

Access to Reproductive Care

Healthcare – including reproductive care – is a human right. As a woman, a mother, and a public health professional, June is horrified and enraged by the aggressive conservative attack on access to access to reproductive care and care for transgender people. June will work to protect the right to an abortion in our state and she will work to build pathways for people in neighboring states who will need to travel to Washington to access abortions. 

June also supports policies that prevent unwanted pregnancy in the first place. She supports expanding affordable access to contraception and she was proud to help pass Senate Bill 5395 which brought medically accurate, consent focused sex education to Washington public schools and is proven to reduce rates of unwanted pregnancy. 

June believes that supporting reproductive choice means investing in a world where these difficult choices are not made under duress. That’s why she supports investments in kids and young families including funding for childcare, infant and child healthcare, and early childhood nutrition.